The Facts About Free Gifts

Free gifts are very common in the present times. In fact most of the companies nowadays offer free gifts such as grocery cards etc. Often companies aim to hand out free gifts as a promotional strategy to enhance their sales. They hope that once you try out the product you are sure to purchase it. Years ago Estee Lauder started promoting her business in a similar manner. Although this was considered to be quite unusual and strange, yet it worked for her and she earned a lot of loyal patrons. KBC Lucky Winner

Similarly many gyms offer you free membership for a limited duration in a bid that you will soon continue to become a paid member. Free magazines too are distributed to get you addicted to them. A child had won a free magazine in a contest and after going through it the parents really liked the content and decided to subscribe to it.

However, all free gifts are not helpful! Some have hidden costs. How else would the manufacturers cover their expenses? Often free software includes adware and the ads generate revenue for the software. Often when you download free software a lot of ads start to pop up and this makes your computer slow.

Sometimes software is also provided as a free trial version for a limited period after which you will have to pay for it. Often these programs are very helpful and people do not mind paying to continue using them.

You also get promotional gifts which are used to spread word about sponsors and their companies. The companies handing out these gifts earn a lot of goodwill. The items may not always be quite expensive. Often they are handy gifts which are useful. However at times they may be grand cars which are given to winners of a lucky draw.

Often you fill up survey forms at malls and stores for which you get a pen or a small gift in return. Some gifts are really useful. In case a company wishes to succeed it should ensure that it has done the ground work property. However, extensive research is required to find out about the needs of the customers. Hence companies do not mind handing out expensive gifts to entice you into filling their survey and feedback forms. This is a win-win situation as the company gets to know the feedback of the people and the customers too are happy to receive the free gifts.

All you need to do is fill out the survey forms they hand out and avail of the free gifts like grocery vouchers, sample perfume bottles, dinner coupons, and fashionable bags etc. Not all these gifts are durable, but as long as the companies are offering you free gifts, you can enjoy making use of them. However, such gifts won’t replace your source of income. Although it is just a lure, yet it is worth it and is sure to bring a smile on your face.

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